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Why is the mousewheel time-scrolling feature gone in PLECS Standalone Scope since Version 4.5?

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Since Version 4.5 of Plecs Standalone it is no longer possible to scroll through the time axis of a scope view (when zoomed in to a section of the total simulation time) with the mousewheel. With Version 4.4 it still works fine. Is there any setting to enable this feature again?
asked May 11, 2021 by AndreasF (12 points)
edited May 12, 2021 by Wolfgang Hammer

1 Answer

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PLECS 4.5 uses a new version of the Qt framework for the implementation of the graphical user interface. This new Qt version features a unified support for various input devices (mouses with scrollwheels, magic mouses, trackpads, trackballs) on various platforms.

A side effect of this unified support is that the mouse wheel now operates on the y-direction by default. Depending on your platform, you can make the mouse wheel operate on the x-direction by holding a keyboard modifier (typically Shift or Alt).

answered May 12, 2021 by Wolfgang Hammer (397 points)