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Can not build models to RT Box 1

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Hi folks,

I'm using an RT Box1 to connect with my computer. I'm using the latest versions of the related software:

PLECS_RT_Box_2.1.8win; PLECS standalone 4.6.1, and TSP_c2000_1.5.1.

I'm assigning a static IP to the RT Box, and I can find my RT Box as a target in the 'coder options' and the interface pops up correctly.

But I can't build up models to the RT Box, the following error always occurs:

'Error in build step #2(Make): Make process timed out after 240 seconds.'

My model is quite simple: an Analog In block+ a scope, so it is not the model's problem.

The same setting works well for my other workstations, but with one specific desktop it always runs into errors.

Could anyone share any insight into this problem?

Many thanks in advance!


asked Mar 2 by Karen Li (12 points)
Please click on the exclamation mark icon in the lower right corner of the schematic window to open the build messages. Then post the last two messages with full text.
I clicked the exclamation mark and a window of 'Diagnostics' popped up.

The error message is the same as I posted.

Please see the attached figure.

Thank you.
Some firewalls / virus scanners block the execution of a program when invoked from another program. Please check whether this is the case here. PLECS needs to invoke 'make.exe' to run the compilation.

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