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There is a problem when using the PWM output and PWM capture block of RT box2.

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I use PLECS 4.6.6 (win10 system) to establish a permanent magnet synchronous motor control system, and plan to deploy it on two RT box2. Firstly, the simulation model is established. At this time, the target block of the RT box is not used, and the duty cycle signal is directly connected to the power grid of the inverter power device through the signal port. Signal simulation can be carried out normally.
However, when I add the target blocks of the RT box, especially the PWM output and PWM capture blocks, the correct duty cycle signal cannot be generated by offline simulation. Figure 1 shows the normal duty cycle signal, and Figure 2 shows the abnormal duty cycle signal after adding PWM output and PWM capture block. Why? I'm looking forward to your guidance. I'm very grateful.
asked Jul 9, 2022 by WANGJINYU_loner (19 points)
Hi Wangjinyu,

Are you able to share your working PLECS model with the signal ports?


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