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How to get a pure bias value with zero-order holder

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A bias value 2 is given to sinwave, T is 0.5, and i want to get it using ZOH with a sample time 0.25, but the error is bigger with time,why? and how to get the pure bias value?

the simple example is attached.
asked Aug 9, 2022 by fire (73 points)

1 Answer

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The error here is on the order of 1e-15 in the first 2 seconds and will increase as the time increases.  For example, at 200 seconds the error is on the order of 1e-13. 

The reason the value you're observing in the scope is close-to, but not exactly, 2 is because of limitations of floating point arithmetic.

answered Aug 9, 2022 by Bryan Lieblick (1,995 points)
selected Feb 14, 2023 by fire