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High CPU usage using a Control Card 28379D with switching frequencies above 10 kHz

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Hi, I have some problems when using External Mode with a Control Card 28379D. At the moment of implementing an MPC control with an RL load in a two-level VSI, the control works as it should, but I can only get up to a Fsw of 10 kHz. I think that the problem may be the CPU usage, as it sits around 90%. I've tried optimizing my C-Script to the point where I can't optimize it anymore. I've also tried scheduling (using multi-tasking) and separating different parts of the code with no luck.

My goal is to achieve a Fsw of 20 to 40 kHz. I'd appreciate if you could assist me in some way.

I'd also like to visualize the scope with some delay in order to save some CPU load. Is this possible? If so, how could I do it?

Also, as I am using the 28379D which has two cores, is it possible to use both of them in PLECS?

I'll attach my .plecs file with this post.
asked Oct 18, 2022 by eduardo (29 points)

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