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Cycling behavior during switching due to probing

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I have already solved a "Cyclic behavior during switching, Switches that bounced" error by detecting that a probe component was the cause, but I would want to understand right why it happened. The probe measured a temperature which was a direct feedthrough input to a C-Script block: this block acted on a IGBT whose activation affected the temperature. The solution for me was to add a simulation step delay ("Memory") between probe component and C-Script block.

My question is: is the following diagnosis right?

An algebraic loop appeared because acting on the IGBT immediately affects the temperature to be measured; but in that same step, modifications on the temperature could potentially affect C-Script outputs and so vary the actuation on the IGBT, so the solver "does not know what to decide".

Thanks in advance.
asked 6 days ago by Pablo (17 points)
Also, the temperature could not (yet) affect actually the C-Script output by how was the code built.

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