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How to quantify the time delay of a RT BOX Controller?

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In the RT-Box manual, a timing diagram is given as follow. I want to determine the exact time delay in a converter system controlled by a RT-Box 2, so that I can model the system and design the parameters.

*1. In terms of period k, the voltage and current are sampled at first, as shown in the timeing diagram. And the delay between the sampling point and the beginning of period k is tAILat. What is the value of tAILat?  According to the manual, a sampling rate of up to 1MHz can be realized (limited by firmware). Does it mean that tAILat is 1us? (CoderOptions - Target - Analog Input Sampling is set to "Minimize latency").

*2. In terms of PWM out, update point is set on carrier minimum, and synchronization with model step is enabled. Does that mean the computation result of Period k will be loaded at the very beginning of Period k+1? And the carrier minimum is synchronized with the very beginning of each period?

All in all, the total time delay would be tAILat + 1*Tsw(introduced by Period k) + 0.5*Tsw (introduced by PWM), which is 1us + 1.5*Tsw. Is this correct?

asked Jun 21, 2023 by TWY (12 points)
Hi TWY, I am going to respond to you directly off of the forum as some of the details for this topic are subject to change in the near future.  Please expect an email shortly.

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