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Does PLECS support ARM based windows?

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I am trying to install PLECS on windows running on macbook using parallels environment. Since macos is now running on ARM. PLECS will need to run on an ARM based windows environment. Is there any way to install PLECS on ARM windows?
asked Aug 23, 2023 by Kartik Veeramraju (14 points)

1 Answer

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There is no native version of PLECS for Windows on ARM. Windows for ARM can run some programs compiled for x86 processors by emulating the processor. This may or may not work for PLECS - we don't have any experience with this setup and do not actively support it.

Why do you need to use the Windows version of PLECS in the first place? There is a native ARM version for MacOS available.
answered Aug 25, 2023 by Oliver Schwartz (626 points)
Now that I saw your other question it is clear to me why you want to use the Windows version. Still I wouldn't recommend such a setup.
Another update: One of our application engineers reported that he was using the x86 version of PLECS on Windows for ARM without issues. It can be installed the same way as on Windows for x86.