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How make a variable pulse generator.

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Hi I need some help about the Pulse Generator.

I want to use one pulse generator block, start with a 0.5 duty cycle wave, and in another period the duty cycle change for 0.8 for example, but using only one block in the same pulse, I will put some image example below.
asked Sep 1, 2023 by DSotoriva (18 points)
Is the period consistent for all pulses?  

If so you can simply use a Triangular Wave Generator with a "Duty cycle" of 1 (creating a saw-tooth waveform with positive slope) and a comparator block (comparing the Triangular Wave Generator output with your desired period).
Yes, I understand your circuit, but I want different period in some pulses, like 0.5 duty cycle pulses and after some periods the duty cycle change to a 0.8 duty cycle.

1 Answer

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If you are changing the period and duty cycle then you can use the "Variable Frequency PWM" block.  See the simple example attached.
answered Sep 13, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,795 points)