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Buck-Boost converter circuit is short circuited, How?

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I am trying to implement a variable load using a controlled current source which varies according to the input voltage and current. further I am trying to implement MPPT control to control the duty cycle to obtain maximum power output in my model. I am however facing a zero voltage output in my simulation, thus zero power output. I am not sure where the error is in my simulation, any help would be appreciated.
asked Sep 5, 2023 by Ajeya (12 points)
The model file you attached references a Test_Data file. Could you upload that as well?  Could you also reference the simulation time at which you receive the error message?
Hi, The model runs fine. It is that the output voltage drops to zero immediately when the simulation starts. I have attached the test_data file. Its a csv file containing the irradiation data for a day.
It looks like the controls aren't regulating their output well.  We can see the PV input voltage collapse and the converter duty cycle saturate.   I would recommend testing each part of your overall system independently to make sure it operates as expected.

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