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Please I need this on c-script

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Please I need this function on plecs c script, please I did not get it. Here it is

function [ma, mb] = fcn(u, t, theta, f)

ma = u*sin(2*pi*f*t+(theta*pi/180));

mb = u*sin(2*pi*f*t+pi+(theta*pi/180));
asked Dec 6, 2023 by Awesome (30 points)

1 Answer

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Rather than use a C-Script, I would recommend implementing this using basic blocks from the PLECS Component Library.

You can use the Trigonometric Function, Gain or Product, and Sum blocks.  The "Function" block would also be suitable as it allows you to "Apply arbitrary arithmetic expression to scalar or vectorized input signal".
answered Dec 6, 2023 by Bryan Lieblick (1,795 points)