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How to add license without License manager?

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We would like to make it easier for our model users using Plecs Blockset.
Is there a possibility to check scriptbased (e.g. from Matlab) if the user has a valid license?
Additionally, how can we add also via script (without the license manager) a valid license if available locally but not yet properly activated.
asked Jan 31 by sgra (21 points)

1 Answer

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To check out a license for PLECS, enter: 

[success, message] = plecs('checkout')

If the check-out succeeds, the return variable success will be set to 1 and message will be an empty string. Else, success will be set to 0 and message will contain a detailed error message. When called without left-hand side arguments, the command will raise a MATLAB error upon an unsuccessful check-out and else execute silently.

If you execute the command and a license is already checked out then the behavior is the same as the checkout succeeding.

answered Feb 12 by Bryan Lieblick (1,949 points)
Thanks a lot for the answer of the first part of my question.
Additionally, is there the possiblity to add the path to local a valid license via Matlab console instead of using the License Manager Gui?

PLECS searches certain directories for license files as documented here: (section "License File Location"). PLECS does not use activation for licenses.