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Speed up simulation by building the whole model in plecs?

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Hello there,

I'm recently using the Plecs blockset in Simulink for my work. There are some control and computing subsystems built in Simulink. They output signals to the subsystem containing power electronics in Plecs.

Now the simulation of the system is extremly slow. If I disable the subsystem containing power electronic, it's fast. If I disable other parts and only run the plecs model, the speed is also acceptable. So I am wondering, if I rebuild the whole system in plecs( which may cost serveral days work), will the simulation be faster than now? Does the combined using of Simulink modules and plecs modules make the computing efficiency worse?

Thanks for any help in advance
asked Apr 1, 2019 by Junwei (13 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Junwei,

Unfortunately there is not a one size fits all answer to this question, but it is certainly our recommendation to PLECS Blockset users to place as much of a model as possible inside the PLECS Circuit block in Simulink, and this has been shown to generally increase the simulation speed. More likely though, there are certain blocks or schemes in the Simulink portion of your model that may not be optimized, or are more efficiently done on the PLECS side. So we can't say for certain, but the model porting may be worth your effort. We can also provide feedback on your model in general, and possibly optimize its speed in its current form, if you send it to

Best regards,

answered Apr 10, 2019 by Kris Eberle (1,511 points)