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Cyclic behavior during switching. Switches that bounced

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Hey Guys,

 I m an doing a simulation and it come the fault:"Cyclic behavior during swithing, Switches that bounced". I tried to figure out this problem by Tightening the relative tolerance of the solver (from 1e-3 to 1e-5 or 1e-6) and it doesn t work. Did someone experiences this fault? and how do u solve it?


Thanks in advance


asked Jan 31, 2020 by christi (24 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Christi,

Have you reviewed the guidance from the Plexim website?  Please see the following link:

In some cases the actual solution might be more involved and requires a detailed understanding of your controller and switching topology.  For example, the detailed guidance given in this previous forum post.



answered Feb 4, 2020 by Bryan Lieblick (1,069 points)
edited Feb 4, 2020 by Bryan Lieblick