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How to calculate the magnetic Resistance of a coil in the magnetic domain? [closed]

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is there a way to calculate the magnetic resistance of a coil with a magnetic core without knowing the core losses?

The main losses are: Hysteresis losses and eddy-current losses.

How do I condense them in one singel magnetic resistance in the permeance-capacitance analogy used in the Plecs Magnetic Domain, just using the datasheet of the core material? (see Attachment)

The Paper linked in: dosen't help me very much because they don't use a magnetic resistance to simulate the losses.



closed with the note: Open since a to long time...
asked Mar 3, 2020 by PFC (14 points)
closed Dec 3, 2021 by PFC

1 Answer

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Hi, one option would be that you make use of the curves in  "relative core loss" and fit a first order term (a resistor in parallel with a inductor).
answered Mar 10, 2020 by min (14 points)