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Hysteretic Core: Error Parameters must meet condition...

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to model the losses of a coil I implemented the "Hysteretic Core" Block. Although I added the material parameters of the ferrite (soft magnetic material) correct, I receive the following Error message:

"Initialization commands cannot be evaluated: Parameters must meet condition: H_c/Hsat <= 0.8*B_r/Bsat".

If I change the parameters a bit I get:

"Parameters must meet condition: H_c/H_sat >= 0.05."


Is there a way to change the conditions? Maybe in the underlying Preisach model?

Is there an alternative to model soft magnetic materials in PLECS?



asked Dec 1, 2021 by PFC (14 points)

1 Answer

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The hysteresis model in the library can not fit all materials, for certain combinations of Br, Hc, the model can not be parameterized. The existing hysteresis block in the library is best suited to simulate “hard” materials with wide loop area, which the parameter restrictions above attempt to enforce.

There is work underway for a modified implementation of the Hysteretic Core component that supports modeling of soft magnetic materials.  Please reach out to along with the data available from your material so we can evaluate if this new model is a good fit.
answered Dec 3, 2021 by Bryan Lieblick (1,301 points)